The Cultist

Both the dress and the jewellery came from The Gothic Shop, to whom I am eternally grateful for their sponsorship and support of my photo shoot ideas, regardless of how unusual they sometimes may be. This time the idea started off vague: a witch-like figure and strange rituals, and through a bit of brainstorming The Cultist was born. 
Within an eldritch circle she summons Lovcraftian horrors and they, in turn, possess her and take their first steps into our unsuspecting world.  

We shot this in an attic of an old industrial building with a caved in ceiling and what I swear must have been some black magic performed by Villy when it came to lighting. We stuck close to the entrance not only because the wooden floors didn’t look too inviting, but also because the rest was rather dark and seriously creepy! But then again, could there be a better venue for a Cultist shoot?
It is really difficult to do justice to this dress in photographs. Like all Punk Rave designs it is very detailed and well made. The skirt is made of gauze panels linked with faux leather lacing, backed by fishnet tulle. The overall effect is quite striking, especially when I move. 
The bodice has a side zipper and a built in bra, along with spiderweb lace and faux leather laces at the bust. The dress itself is a dream. It is soft and flattering and light, and I can’t wait for summer nights to wear it. 
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you have seen me gush over Rogue + the Wolf jewelry. Not only are their designs  beautiful and eerie, the 3D printing makes the geek in me squeak with joy! The rings and the pendant quickly became my go-to pieces for everyday wear. 
I am extremely lucky to have both Villy V as a photographer and the Horrible Harpies, as I affectionately call my friends, willing to take time to be my set mistresses and help me bring all my ideas to life. Brocade Budoir served as a set mistress this time, accompanied by her mini-me. 
We also shot another set on the same location that day, the Demon Huntress, and I hope to share that shoot with you soon as well!
Until next time!

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