Of bats and pendants

Of bats and pendants

A while ago I contacted The Black Cat Jewellery Store and asked them if they would be interested in a collab, and they were!

After that I had the sweet suffering of picking out exactly what I want to parade in front of a camera, and the choice came down to a bat shaped bracelet, a bat shaped necklace and a teardrop pendant. Quite a batty selection, but then again, I am rather fond of them.

The shoot for this was also my first time working with Villy, and I was so prepared for everything, I packed what I wanted to wear, I packed the jewellery, my hair was all nice and curled, I met up with Villy… and then the slow drizzle started, my hair screamed FREEEEEDOOM and poof went all my curls.

Of course at this time it was far too late to stop or reschedule, so we just went on, pretending that my hair was totally supposed to look like that and how dare you suggest otherwise?

But then again, with that kimono and the beautiful pendant around my neck, I kind of doubt my hair was the focus on these pics.

And oh, that pendant! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and got weird looks from the entire household for making strange noises while pawing at the computer screen. It also comes in brass, but I really, really wanted the silver variant because it looked like it belongs on some fantasy character of dubious morality.  I always did want to be a fairy witch when I was a child.  The 9-year old in me immediately fell in love with the intricate silver metalwork and the pitch-black bead, and the adult me vigorously nodded her approval.

The bats, however, need no special explanations. There is not a Goth who doesn’t have a soft spot for lace and beads and snug cuff bracelets, or black filigree bats around one’s neck.  This bracelet was made especially for me, to make sure it fits snug around my somewhat undersized wrist, and the shop also offers custom sizing. How often do you come across that?

What I didn’t even notice about the bat necklace until it arrived were the faceted beads, and how beautifully they catch the light, making the filigree bat oh so pretty and shiny (and I do love shiny things). 

The cuff, the necklace and the pendant have the top spots in my jewellery chest, as they are my immediate go-to pieces when I want something a bit more serious but still dark and stylish!

Until next time!

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