Atomic Lace

Atomic Lace

The recipe is as follows: Take original designs, a dash of cute, a dash of creepy, a whole bucket full of glitter, and seal it all in resin.

What you get is Atomic Lace, whose owner, Laura Michele, cooks up something new and wonderful on an almost daily basis. I’ve been eyeing her designs for a while, and so I wrote to her and asked her if she’d be interested in a review, and she said yes!

 She was sweet enough to send me some new designs, and some of my choosing, and while you’ll be seeing the new designs a bit later, here are the ones I picked from her shop:

The first one up is the palmistry necklace, drawing it’s inspiration from the practice of chiromancy, or the practice of foretelling the future from the lines on one’s hand.  I really like the vintage, carnival sideshow inspired design, and I love the black and glitter backing and sides.

It is a great piece to add a bit of mystique to your everyday outfits, or as the perfect accessory to your witchy outfit. I went for the witchy look here, and paired it with a jacket from The Gothic shop and a mini dress by Banned.

The second piece is an adorable 8-bit style necklace on a green glitter base. This one holds a special place in my heart, as I like to wear my geekdom out in the open.  The silver chain is cute and delicate, and ends with a round pyramid stud that adds a cute little accent on your back.

I really love wearing it and I think it might become one of my favourite pieces ever. 
The top I’m wearing is something I made myself years ago, and it’s still holding more or less strong.  You can also get a sneak preview of my new tattoo by Nikka Dott, an incredibly talented young artist.
Thanks to Greta for taking the photos!

There will be more of Atomic Lace designs in my future posts so stay tuned!
Until next time!


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