Callous Crow’s cardigans and Voodoo Vixen’s Prairie dress

 How many cat print dresses are too many? Is it like cats, where one cat is enough cats? If so, I am failing most horribly, because I already have two cats, and now a second cat print dress. This one was also part of my Black Friday haul from Voodoo Vixen, and I fell in love with not only the little kitties peeking out from it, but also the warm and rich colours of the pattern. I was a bit worried about the pattern itself, as it is rather busy, but I figured I might as well step out of my comfort zone for cats, if for nothing else.
I was rewarded for my bravery! The print is even more beautiful in real life, with the peeking kittens, moon, fans, hibiscus flowers and stylized clouds, and the fit is excellent. The neckline is a basic slash-top with a twist, opening to reveal red lining which matches the belt and the red pattern on the dress itself.  The sleeves are, as on their Katniss dress, snug, but this is no deterrent, as it gives the dress a tidier and more finished look. And yes, there are pockets. You just can’t go wrong in giving me a dress with pockets!

A part of the reason why I got this dress were also the Callous Crow cardigans.  These two have similar colours to the dress- a combo of black and warm red tones, with lighter accents.
What I really appreciate with Callous Crow’s cardigans is how light they are. Most of my cardigans are a bit on the heavier side, making them something I will only be able to wear in the summer nights as the weather will get warmer, and even that is a maybe, but these I can see myself wearing in the spring and summer for sure.

Not to mention that I am totally over the moon for their stitching and designs. The angel and devil swallows on the first one are such a beautiful classic design, but again, with a little twist (see the tail of the devil swallow? Callous Crow is full of such details!).  I’ve been wanting to add a bit of traditional tattoo art inspired designs to my closet, so this was a perfect chance. I also love their choice of contrasting red buttons on both cardigans.

The second cardigan, the praying hands one is again that special take on the traditional designs I’ve come to love so much about Callous Crow. Surrounded by roses in gorgeous orange and red hues, the praying hands are now skeleton hands, and they glow in the dark! You can’t beat that for a unique looking cardigan!

In fact, both cardigans and the dress are really unique additions to any wardrobe, repro with just the right amount of vintage style in it to make it timeless and unique while still being perfect for everyday wear.

Next week I’ll be channeling my inner bad girl with a review of Callous Crow’s T-shirts, and their incredibly cool ties.
Until next time!

Dress: Voodoo Vixen
Cardigans: Callous Crow
Photo: Villy V
Set mistress: Ivy Lucija

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