All tied up!

Last week I promised you all something that will be not only for the ladies, but also for the gents reading my blog and… *insert drum roll* here it is! I teamed up with Callous Crow to model some of their amazingly cool ties!

Can you tell I’m excited about them? My stepfather taught me how to tie a tie one day while we were all getting ready to go someplace nice for lunch, and I was hanging around chatting with him while he was getting ready. After I got the basics down, he gave me two of his ties to practice more on and have fun with, and I’ve been wearing them ever since. In fact, I still have those two tie some 20 years later!

But frankly, as much as I love and cherish those ties, they don’t come close to the ones Callous Crow sent me!

The attention they gave the stitching on their cardigans is reflected and found here, in their embroidered satin ties.  They once again draw inspiration from the traditional tattoo designs, adapting and transferring them onto a different medium, this time the one of the tie, so you can wear your weirdness proudly.

For the bat skeleton one, I chose to wear one of my all-time favourite outfits of a tight waistcoat, shirt and my lace up trousers from The Gothic shop. I won’t deny, I felt totally badass, and loved that the only splash of white was the embroidery on the tie. I feel it got a chance to stand out so much more that way.

 The Koi tie has a really bold and rich design, so adding anything much more to the outfit would just be overdoing it. I kept the red shirt and the trousers, but ditched the waistcoat. This is probably one of my favourite ties ever, as I love the koi design.

 It also felt really good to don some of the clothes I haven’t worn in a while, due to work, and my style adapting somewhat. I modified the jacket with the badges myself, and it wasn’t a one afternoon project. The badges al have a special meaning to me, and I made the brooch mask myself as well.  The trousers are from my previous shooting for The Gothic Shop, and they are just so comfy and such a great fit, even though they are a bit lower cut than I usually wear.

 The spider tie features an embroidered black and red spider, lurking in contrasts on the tie, revealed only by the right angle of light, the splash of red, and the gorgeous silver thread running down the length of the tie. It provides a lovely accent when tied.

 Oh, that Planchette tie! I tied it somewhat shorter, thinking I would be buttoning up the jacket a bit, but changed my mind in the end. Not a single bit of it should be hidden! The silvery-grey embroidery on this is just to die for, and you really have to take a step back to properly appreciate and take it all in. It also has the bonus of flirting with the occult, and who doesn’t like a bit of spookiness in their life?

I saved the demon/akuma tie for last. For some reason, I can totally see myself wearing that tie tucked into a waistcoat during the day, just the eyes and horns peeking out, and watching people do a double take! (I know, I can be so naughty at times!), and then taking it out to a concert in the evening.

To sum it all up, go get yourselves, or your loved ones these ties! They are probably the coolest and fanciest ties you will ever get your hands on!
Until next time!

Ties: Callous Crow
Trousers: The Gothic Shop
Rest: mine, all mine! 😀
Photos: Villy V
Set Mistress: Ivy

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