Callous Crow T-Shirts

I promised you this post last week, but my exams got in the way! Now that I finally have some time for a blog post again, I am excited to tell you about the Callous Crow t-shirts.


Now, while you don’t really see me in t-shirts on my page or blog, or Instagram (shameless self-promotion here), I own a pretty big collection of them, as they are my go-to hiking gear and favourite thing to wear with a pair of vintage style jeans.  Most of them are silkscreen t-shirts ranging from band shirts to (and these are in the majority), nerdy and geeky t-shirts, but I can say that I’ve never ever had a t-shirt like one from Callous Crow.
While most t-shirt manufacturers use silk screen printing, Callous crow uses a different, and very very interesting process. The print is done using Lino block printing instead of the usual screen printing, giving the shirts a truly unique look. I’ve been around silk screen printing, and  pad printing, even trying my hand out in the latter a bit, but lino block printing was something mostly new to me. I have some vague memories of finding some carved out pieces of lino from my mother’s art classes when I was a child, but I had to go look it up now to get a better idea of what it is, so I can share it with you.

It involves a bock of linoleum, on which an image is printed or drawn, and then the remaining space is carved out, so the piece you want printed stands out. You then apply ink, press it to the surface, and, if you did everything right, you get a beautiful print. I think you can see how delicate of a process this is!

I’d swoon over the designs themselves, but at this point, I’d rather let the images speak for themselves!



T-shirts: Callous Crow
Trousers: The Gothic Shop
Photo: Villy V
Set mistress: Ivy Lucija

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