Switchblade Cardi – Callous Crow and Andrea Skirt- Voodoo Vixen

I live in a very strange neighborhood in a very strange city.

The old mingles with the new, and a good portion of the block is simply overgrown and abandoned. And in the midst of it all, is a small off-off-theater.  It’s run by a rather eccentric neighbor, but a real sweetheart none the less.

His theater entrance seemed like the perfect backdrop for these unusual pieces. The first one is the Callous Crow switchblade cardigan, With their beautiful stitching and a frankly stunning pattern. This cardigan features both front and back stitching, and is made of soft, light cotton, perfect for even the warmer days.

The skirt is knee-length, with an anthracite base material flocked with a velvet feather print. I like the fuller, stiffer material combined with the pleated cut. I wore it with a petticoat underneath because you can never really have too much fluff, but it has a gorgeous form on its own as well.

 I paired the skirt and the cardi with one of my favourite shirts ever- The Seamstress of Bloomsbury’s Greta blouse, and a beautiful floral crown I got from Brocade Budoir.  I have a soft spot for giant floral decorations on my head (but then again, who doesn’t?), and this one seemed like the perfect match to add a splash of colour to my outfit.


Cardigan: Callous Crow
Skirt: Voodoo Vixen
Blouse: Seamstress of Bloomsbury
Crown: Brocade Budoir
Photo: Villy V
Set Mistress: Ivy Lucija

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