My new playsuit from Norma Jean Vintage LLC

Hello darlings!
I’m sure you have already seen a few pictures of me wearing the blue and green playsuit from Norma Jean Vintage, and it’s about time I reviewed it.

Playsuits are a new thing in my world. I considered getting one for a while now, and admit to having patterns for one in my closet for ages already, but I never found one in shops that I would like enough, and never really found the time to make one for myself.

And then came the surprise from Norma Jean Vintage LLC! They sent me a few pieces to review and photograph, and one of them was this darling little piece. I admit I fell in love with it instantly! It is cute, and cheeky, and very, very flattering.


I even ended up taking it with me to the short seaside weekend as the only thing besides the clothes I was wearing and a bathing suit, and enjoyed lounging around in it in the shaded terrace.

As for the technicalities of it: It features a back zipper, cute halterneck, and a cheeky cutout on the sternum. Mr. E. Moth, which is a pet name I have for my tattoo, enjoyed getting a peek out at the world! The playsuit is made of nice, firm but breathable cotton, and does not feature any stretch, so make sure you send your exact measurements to the lovely ladies at Norma Jean Vintage LLC if you want yours to be a perfect fit.

Until next time!

Playsuit: Norma Jean Vintage LLC
Bangles: Splendette
Photographer: Villy V
Set mistress: Ivy Lucija

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