Fun with Curlformers

Buckle up, because I am about to share a big secret with you.

Are you ready?

I am super lazy when it comes to my hair.

It’s rather fine, there is a lot of it and it is completely and utterly straight. Getting it to hold a curl is a chore, and unless I am shooting, I prefer to have it either in a braid, loose or in a bun. This is doubly true for humid days when it becomes almost completely unmanageable.

That’s one of the reasons why I am always experimenting with new curling methods and setting patterns. I am always trying to find something which will produce good results with the least amount of effort. And that’s where curlformers came in, backed by an angelic chorus promising speed, ease and lasting results.

Curlformers and the drying hood

So I asked the nice folks over at curlformers if they would be interested in a review on my blog, to which they said yes, and I chose my set – the Extra Long Spiral Styling Kit. It’s for hair up to 55 cm, and comes with 40 extra long spiral curlformers and two styling hooks. They also sent me a vintage design softhood, one significantly larger than the one I already own, which was necessary to stash all the curlformers in to shorten the drying time. The hood fits most dryers.  

Curlformers work fairly simply. You stick the hook in the curlformer, hook in a section of your hair, pull it through, let the curlformer go Sproing! (correct if needed), and you’re done.

As my hair is fine and a total beast, I did miss grabbing a section properly once or twice in the beginning, resulting in big mess, but just pushing everything back untangled it and I could start again.

The whole process took about 30ish minutes if I was doing everything on my own, and about 15-20 if I had a helper to just slide the curlformer on to the hook. Definitely a lot less time than I need for curlers or pincurls (which usually takes me about 40 minutes).

Curlformers review
Air drying my curlformers

Drying my hair always takes about the same amount of time, no matter how I curl my hair. As with all the other curling methods, curlformers can be left to air dry, or I can use a hood. Some people sleep in their curlformers, which I did try as well, but didn’t find it to be my cup of tea; probably because I had a cat which kept trying to nest on top of them. I usually use the hood, which comes with a drawstring and chinstrap, both adjustable. The hood is my fav not only because it cuts down on the drying time, but also because using all 40 curlformers on my hair does add a bit of weight. This wouldn’t really be a problem (as my iron curlers weigh about the same), but as they hang down, they give me a bit of a weird feeling as they flop around. My Husbeast affectionately refers to me as Lady-Predator every time I use them. I think that this can be easily solved by tying them with a big ribbon in the back, like you would with dreadlocks.

curlformers review
Blondie the basset hound was very helpful with my curlformers

I found that the best method of removing the curlformers is first letting my hair cool after removing the hood, and then straightening the curlformer and gently squeezing the edge of the curlformer near my scalp so it opens, and then just sliding it off. The curl remains intact and there is no tugging or frizzing.

curlformers review
removing the curlformers

After that, I style it depending on what I want or need. I found that they work great for a more modern style if I just run my fingers through the curls to separate them a little more and fluff them up, but that I can also create a vintage style brush-out with them. This was perhaps the most important discovery, as I am always looking for modern (and easier) setting methods for vintage hairstyles.

curlformers review
curled hair before styling

The final verdict:

Curlformers are an investment, this is certain, but one that I would definitely recommend. They are easier to use for beginners as you can’t really make some of the most common curling mistakes like pinching or scrunching the tips of your hair, resulting in that horrible burned-looking frizz. You aren’t likely to burn your hair either, especially if you decide to just let your hair dry naturally. And the curl lasts a good while, two to three days. I do use some product in my hair when setting it, to tame my hair and make sure that the humidity outside doesn’t ruin my hard work, but on dry days, I don’t really bother with it.

Overall, the verdict is (out of five):


Price: ****

Ease of use *****

Effectiveness *****


curlformers review
vintage style created using curlformers

Until next time!





  1. Super su ti ispale lokne. Ja imam dva seta, kraće i duže, 10 i 20 cm, samo sam ih full lijena stavljati. Malprije sam skratila svu kosu do ispod uha, pa će biti lakše. Pusa.

  2. Hi!
    I was wondering how well the curls held up in humidity? I have naturally wavy frizzy hair and am going overseas to an extremely humid place for a wedding. I am hoping these will hold out well in the extreme humidity but I can’t find much information on that. ( I am asking as you have much prettier hair than me, yet it still frizzes so I wonder how it will be for me >.<)

    1. Author

      Well, it’s not really super humid where I am, so I cannot really give you a 100% valid advice, but what did work for me even on humid days is making sure that my hair is set while still pretty wet/damp and left overnight. If you are fine with wearing curlformers all day/night while your hair dries naturally, then I think it should hold. But like I said, ymmv. Even if it does start drooping a little, you can always just keep a handful bobby pins in your purse and pin it all up 😀

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