Rock N Romance pt 1

I got my first Rock n Romance shirt last summer, but I knew their shop for much longer. What first drew me to them was their taste and selection of brands. Alongside their house brand, Rock n Romance, they also stock The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, Emmy Design, Daisy Dapper, Dupenny and Elements Rainwear; all brands known for their attention to design and details, most of them leaning heavily towards the 1940’s.


I was online window-shopping on my vacation this summer, and immediately fell in love with their black Grace blouse with contrast piping and buttons.

The moment it arrived, I became their undying fan!  The blouse was comfortable, the fit just perfect, and the craftsmanship impeccable. In fact, their entire stock looked to me like it was something definitely worth investing in!

VenusMantrap for Rock N Romance
Out for a stroll

I joined their VIP club, because why not (they have the most excellent perks), and continued to stalk them online and plan my next shopping. And with my wishlist constantly growing, their Pay by Installments option was starting to look more and more attractive.


But then, a funny thing happened.

In a moment of inspiration, I asked them if they would be interested in a review or something similar. They immediately said yes, and sent me some of their store highlights to review.

VenusMantrap for Rock N Romance
Black and red, always a perfect colour combo

Since they already knew I was a huge fan of their blouses, they sent me another three – Their Pippa in white and red, and the tartan Jean. These are all their own Rock n Romance house brand blouses, so they were just like my Grace blouse- true to size, with an excellent fit and very well made.

VenusMantrap for Rock N Romance
The contrast piping really makes this shirt stand out

I adore the little heart-shaped buttons on the Pippa blouse, they look so lovely and sweet! Even though the blouse also features a Peter Pan collar (which certain style guides claim should be left to little girls), the overall feel of these shirts is one of sweet elegance instead of childishness. They will work just as well with a pair of vintage jeans or capris as they will with a smart skirt and a cardigan.


The Jean blouse, on the other hand is a casual cotton blouse with a shawl collar in lovely blue and red tartan. The shawl hides the buttons; a little illusion giving it a more top or blouse-like look. I went for a somewhat more elegant styling for it here, but I think it might pair even better with my vintage jeans.

VenusMantrap for Rock N Romance
Did I mention I’m learning to play the Ukulele?

Of course, I couldn’t go running around bottomless, so a Thelma skirt by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury was sent also in the package. Those of you who are paying attention know that I did a review of the Seamstress of Bloomsbury already, and how smitten I was by their designs. To this one, however, I’d like to add- It has pockets!

VenusMantrap for Rock N Romance
Doesn’t get much better than a skirt with pockets!


Final dress verdict is as follows (scale of 5):

Fit *****

Flatter *****

Ease of maintenance ***

Ironing Required: YES

Pockets: YES


Rock n Romance’s package contained two more goodies, but you’ll have to wait for those a little longer.


Until next time!






Clothing: Rock N Romance

Photo: Villy V

MUAH: VenusMantrap


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