The one where my closet makes me cry

The Backstory

My closet was in chaos. This is the reason why. Over a year or so ago I was forced to slow down a lot due to health reasons. As a result of that, and being a stress-eater, I piled on about 8 kg. This may not seem like much, but when you’re 164 cm tall (or should I say short), it quickly adds up.

Happy to say that I am now almost back to my old, active self.

Sad to say that most of the weight I gained is still there.

This is possibly part of the reason why I went for looser cuts and more layers, and why my lovely pinup dresses were rather neglected in my closet. So, this weekend I decided to tackle the issue and rearrange my closets not in their usual goth vs pinup way (and that line gets surprisingly blurry sometimes), but by how they fit.


The Plan for the closet

I decided on 3 piles.

First, obviously, “these fit”. The second was “-3 kg”, aka I needed to lose about 3 kg for it to fit, and the second was “-5”. This also being 3 and 5 kg with regular workout sessions, not just dieting.

Here is what my closets looked like before. Total and utter chaos I have no excuse for, except maybe – Exams happened. A lot of exams. Along with a full time job.

  messy closet


This is sometime during half of the sorting. The pile on the back of the chair is “-5”, the one on the seat is “-3”. This was before I tackled the “goth” closet

The Aftermath of the closet purge

This is what I ended up with: the hanging part and the shelf.

tidy closet

I didn’t touch the cardigans as they all fit (and I wear them a lot, so I know), and my night clothes were also left untouched. I kept my larger cardigans and ponchos in the other closet. All in all, I am down to about a third of my entire autumn/winter wardrobe. The rest is all put away.

All but one of my wiggle skirts are gone, and the same goes for about 90% of my trousers. About half of my blouses made it through, and about a third of my dresses. Most of my full skirts are gone as well.

Honestly, I’m gutted. But I know that I needed this, both so I can get a clearer overview of what I can comfortably wear, and to gauge how much work I must do to get myself back in shape.

And the answer to the last question is- a lot.

Have you ever done something like this? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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