I am so incredibly behind on these posts it’s not even funny. Between work and classes and focusing a bit more on my health, very little time and energy was left for things I truly love, like blogging. I still did photoshoots because they were a way to keep my sanity, but only those of you who follow me on Instagram got to see some of them. One of these shoots was done for the lovely Toonzshop who kindly sent me an outfit to photograph and review.  Toonzshop are a collective of fair trade designers and manufacturers dedicated to bringing the world a different vision of fashion.Read More →

Everyone has a hobby. Mine is mostly fussing. I will fuss about anything and everything and worry with the same obsession a puppy goes after a rope toy. It’s no wonder then that, before a photo shoot, I fuss. In fact, fussing has become an essential part of my photo shoot prep. The method I employ now took me a while to work out, and there were some hiccups along the way. Fussing before a photo shoot has a double purpose. For one, it ensures that there is no fussing on the set, because I am all fussed out, and more importantly, because there isRead More →

I present to you, The Biker Mermaid From The Black Lagoon! Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes you dig for it for ages, and sometimes it’s a flash of lightning. When I opened the parcel Kate’s clothing sent me to style and shoot and review, the first though I had was: this looks like something a biker mermaid would wear! Ideas do that sometimes, they pop up and lodge themselves into your brain; the french call it an idée fixe. I found it best, at those moments, to just go with the flow.  Photoshoot Prep I recently started making mood and inspiration boards on pinterest for my photoshoots.Read More →

You know how sometimes you look at something and think- where has this been my whole life? And how that little something can fill a need you never even knew you had? Well, this dress did it for me! I recently had to part with one of my favourite basic black jersey dresses from a large fashion chain store, which was my go to piece when I needed to look well put together in a hurry, and which I could wear with both flats or heels. I was prepared to just go pick up another, identical one, but frankly, if I did it now, IRead More →

I love water. Seaside, lakes, even the pool, just plop me down next to a body of water and I’m happy. It’s a great tragedy of my life then, that I have a sun allergy and that my summers are mostly spent slathered in a very high SPF sunscreen.  This, however, doesn’t stop me from swimming every chance I get, and I’ve developed a deep and passionate love for evening and late night swims in the bay of the small fishing village I run away to in the summer. It’s almost winter here, and I’ve been kind of missing the hot summer days a bit,Read More →

I’d totally like to say that this photoshoot is because of Halloween, but let’s face it, I dress up any chance I can! It also seems that every time I shoot something super special for The Gothic Shop, it rains. When we shot Dracula’s Daugter, it was raining, and now that we did The Sorceress, it rained again. I had curls, somewhere between the moments I exited the house and arriving at the location, but no amount of hairspray could help. As we stood there, hiding from the rain, wondering how to pull it all off, I decided that we might as well shoot inRead More →

So many of these posts start with: I wanted to do X for a long time, and then X showed up wth this dress/outfit and I knew it was perfect. This is true in all cases, I am full of ideas, most of them half-formed (or half-baked), and they just need that little spark to ignite into full blown sets. This is perhaps why I vary so much in my shoots, even though I like to think of myself as primarily a vintage blogger. So, The Gothic Shop asked me if I’d style a shooting around this Burleska dress, and for a change, I didn’tRead More →

Ohhh It’s almost Halloween you guys! I am still kind of keeping it together and decidedly NOT filling every available space around me with pumpkins, plastic spiders and skeletons, fake cobwebs and all other Sp00py stuff. I am, however, sneaking bits of Halloween into my everyday, and using words like Sp00py. Nope, not sorry. If it were up to me, I would spend the latter half of October dressing up in Halloween costumes every day, and possibly the first half of November as well, and even though my new workplace doesn’t have a dress code (well we do, it’s literally- please don’t walk around inRead More →

Gang of four sang about loving a man in a uniform, but nobody ever said anything about a girl! In the following weeks I will be bringing you some photos from my first collaboration with Belsira, a lovely and playful brand that have seemed to hit exactly the right spot when it comes to my preferences in fashion! There is vintage inspired fashion, though with a more modern, pinup twist, there is fashion with an echo of military influences, and there are some classic, timeless pieces that every wardrobe needs. But you’ll have to wait a bit for all of those. The first one I’llRead More →

The Gothic Shop asked me if I’d like to model the Brocade dress by Hearts and Roses, and of course, I jumped at the chance! I think I gave the theme perhaps two minute’s thought, because to me, the dress just begs for something Hammer Horror Film inspired. I’m a great fan of those films, especially the ones starring Vincent Price, so I wanted to do a sort of an homage to them. I settled on the theme of Dracula’s Daughter very quickly. I wanted a mix of sweet and uncanny, a flash of fang in a gentle smile, a dreamy monster in a graveyard.Read More →