We’ve had a very mild fall and thus far a very mild winter here. I would complain (and I do), but my grumpiness over the lack of proper snow and thus, an excuse to bundle up in my gorgeous winter coat has been ameliorated by a lovely care package sent by Rock N Romance. Knowing how much I love their shirts, they sent me two of them again, one in dark blue with a mesh bust – Dalilah, and another in a gorgeous dark red tropical design – Grace. I think the majority of the blouses in my closet are now by Rock N Romance!Read More →

Disclaimer: This is the first in what I hope is an ongoing series of photoshoots with a story behind them. I was asked to model two jumper dresses for Rockabilly Pinup, and as I always have a story behind the shoot to set me in the right mood, my set mistress/ part time social media manager Hybris Photography suggested I write that out and stop just telling her and the photographer about it. It must have been 10 years since she last set foot on the school grounds. As she was leaving the safe and sacred space where she spent most of her childhood, sheRead More →

Everyone has a hobby. Mine is mostly fussing. I will fuss about anything and everything and worry with the same obsession a puppy goes after a rope toy. It’s no wonder then that, before a photo shoot, I fuss. In fact, fussing has become an essential part of my photo shoot prep. The method I employ now took me a while to work out, and there were some hiccups along the way. Fussing before a photo shoot has a double purpose. For one, it ensures that there is no fussing on the set, because I am all fussed out, and more importantly, because there isRead More →

I love all seasons in their own very special way. Summer is a bit more difficult for me to love, as I have very sensitive skin, but it is nothing a good sunblock and a parasol or a hat can’t cure! Now, as some of you may have already noticed, as of last Autumn, I have started modelling for a wonderful new vintage style shop called Rose and Brimstone. My love for small businesses is no secret, and I am always delighted when I get to be a part of their journey and growth! Rose and Brimstone have an adorable brick and mortar shop inRead More →

As I am located in Europe, most of the shops and brands I review are also European. That’s why it’s always a special treat when I get to review a shop from another continent. And if the owner happens to be a wonderful retro lady herself, then that’s cause for a small celebration! This week I have the pleasure of reviewing just such a shop. The Retro Raven is a small American brand that has recently started making waves in the retro and pinup community with their adorable and unique designs . They specialize in glittery resin-cast pins and brooches, which is what drew meRead More →

I got my first Rock n Romance shirt last summer, but I knew their shop for much longer. What first drew me to them was their taste and selection of brands. Alongside their house brand, Rock n Romance, they also stock The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, Emmy Design, Daisy Dapper, Dupenny and Elements Rainwear; all brands known for their attention to design and details, most of them leaning heavily towards the 1940’s.   I was online window-shopping on my vacation this summer, and immediately fell in love with their black Grace blouse with contrast piping and buttons. The moment it arrived, I became their undying fan!Read More →

You know how sometimes you look at something and think- where has this been my whole life? And how that little something can fill a need you never even knew you had? Well, this dress did it for me! I recently had to part with one of my favourite basic black jersey dresses from a large fashion chain store, which was my go to piece when I needed to look well put together in a hurry, and which I could wear with both flats or heels. I was prepared to just go pick up another, identical one, but frankly, if I did it now, IRead More →

Oh Tiki dresses, how I love you… let me count the ways! No, it can’t be done! I have skirted around the idea (heh, get it, skirted) of a Tiki dress for the longest time, and then Norma Jean Vintage LLC came, and the rest is, as they say history. And a closet enriched by several Hawaii and Tiki dresses of such design it makes my heart sing every time I look at them! This dress was tailored especially for me, to suit my measurements and figure, and I could not be happier with it! The fabric does not stretch, and it provides excellent supportRead More →

Hello darlings! I’m sure you have already seen a few pictures of me wearing the blue and green playsuit from Norma Jean Vintage, and it’s about time I reviewed it. Playsuits are a new thing in my world. I considered getting one for a while now, and admit to having patterns for one in my closet for ages already, but I never found one in shops that I would like enough, and never really found the time to make one for myself. And then came the surprise from Norma Jean Vintage LLC! They sent me a few pieces to review and photograph, and one ofRead More →

As the weather becomes a little warmer, I am getting more and more chances to wear this dress, finally! I like to wear a dress once or twice outside of a shoot to get a good feeling for it and see how it behaves in real life, and this one truly delivers. It is a fully lined day dress with seriously deep pockets, side zip fastening and a very cute collar button that gives you a keyhole neckline. It also comes with a matching fabric belt. Now that we have the specs aside, what’s it really like? Incredibly comfortable! Both the dress and the liningRead More →