Lindy Bop Tabby Dress – aka The One Where I Fly

There is a photograph by Avedon I am slightly obsessed with.  I am forever fascinated by Avedon’s art and above all his approach to fashion photography. It blurs the lines between fashion and glamour and art photography, and in a way it paved the road for all those beautiful and slightly surreal fashion editorials I grew up with as a child sitting in my grandparent’s tailor shop.
When Rockabilly Pinup offered me another collab and review for an essential and elegant black dress, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to pay homage to- I wanted to bring that slightly surreal and playful feel to what is otherwise a work of pure, timeless elegance.
It must have taken us a hundred tries until we got it just right, and the end result is this picture you see here, not an attempt at a copy, but a tribute.

The dress I was wearing was also perfect for it. The sheath dress is perhaps the most iconic little black dress ever. It is certainly the first one I think of when I imagine the perfect dress to fit (almost) all occasions. This one is slightly off the shoulder, and the elegant and simple cut is elevated by the addition of two flat bows on the shoulders. As with most Lindy Bop designs, this one is also lined, ensuring a smoother silhouette.

Pockets are a welcome surprise on this dress, and something I certainly did not expect. They are deep enough to fit a phone inside, should you wish to do so, even though I cannot guarantee it won’t ruin the smooth, elegant lines of the dress.

Don’t expect much strech in this dress, or any at all. This is not a dress for a dress meant to be worn skin tight. I opted to go for a size 10, even though I am between 8 and 10 according to their size chart, and it is a little bit loose, but I fear that an 8 would perhaps be a little tight, and I didn’t want to risk any unseemly bulge ruining the cut.

If you are looking for a little black dress of the more serious persuasion without breaking the bank, this would be my recommendation. Just make sure you know your right size. Another thing to keep an eye out for is that it is made of cotton, so there might be some wrinkling, but then again, this happens with all cotton dresses.

I also got the very elegant floral print bag from Rockabilly Pinup. I expected it to be much smaller, thinking that I will use it perhaps once or twice a year for a special occasion, but what arrived was a gorgeous and stylish city bag that made me feel like a proper vintage lady. The clasp is a large jewel, and it is quite roomy inside, so I didn’t have to give up on any of my usual necessities when carrying it. It also comes with a shoulder strap, in case you prefer those.

The earrings came from The Gothic Shop, and were made by Rosalyn Gothic Jewelry whose work I have been admiring for some time. The owner and designer is a lady of excellent and refined tastes which she translates into gorgeous, eye-catching pieces. 

Until next time!

Dress: Lindy bop from Rockabilly Pinup
Photographer: Villy V

Set mistress: IvyLucija

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