I present to you, The Biker Mermaid From The Black Lagoon! Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes you dig for it for ages, and sometimes it’s a flash of lightning. When I opened the parcel Kate’s clothing sent me to style and shoot and review, the first though I had was: this looks like something a biker mermaid would wear! Ideas do that sometimes, they pop up and lodge themselves into your brain; the french call it an idée fixe. I found it best, at those moments, to just go with the flow.  Photoshoot Prep I recently started making mood and inspiration boards on pinterest for my photoshoots.Read More →

Buckle up, because I am about to share a big secret with you. Are you ready? I am super lazy when it comes to my hair. It’s rather fine, there is a lot of it and it is completely and utterly straight. Getting it to hold a curl is a chore, and unless I am shooting, I prefer to have it either in a braid, loose or in a bun. This is doubly true for humid days when it becomes almost completely unmanageable. That’s one of the reasons why I am always experimenting with new curling methods and setting patterns. I am always trying toRead More →

Even though I should totally know better by now, I am always trying out new stuff on my hair, trying to get those perfect glossy curls so many vintage gals seem to get with almost no effort. I can set semi-decent pincurls, I can do a horrible mess on my hair with rag curls, I can make a dog’s breakfast of those bendy sponge roll-things. Velcro curlers haven’t touched my hair since I was a teenager, and when I do reach for curlers I prefer those iron ones, because I can sleep in them almost decently, and I have plenty of practice. Most of theRead More →

There is a photograph by Avedon I am slightly obsessed with.  I am forever fascinated by Avedon’s art and above all his approach to fashion photography. It blurs the lines between fashion and glamour and art photography, and in a way it paved the road for all those beautiful and slightly surreal fashion editorials I grew up with as a child sitting in my grandparent’s tailor shop. When Rockabilly Pinup offered me another collab and review for an essential and elegant black dress, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to pay homage to- I wanted to bring that slightly surreal and playful feelRead More →

The Gothic Shop asked me if I’d like to model the Brocade dress by Hearts and Roses, and of course, I jumped at the chance! I think I gave the theme perhaps two minute’s thought, because to me, the dress just begs for something Hammer Horror Film inspired. I’m a great fan of those films, especially the ones starring Vincent Price, so I wanted to do a sort of an homage to them. I settled on the theme of Dracula’s Daughter very quickly. I wanted a mix of sweet and uncanny, a flash of fang in a gentle smile, a dreamy monster in a graveyard.Read More →

Both the dress and the jewellery came from The Gothic Shop, to whom I am eternally grateful for their sponsorship and support of my photo shoot ideas, regardless of how unusual they sometimes may be. This time the idea started off vague: a witch-like figure and strange rituals, and through a bit of brainstorming The Cultist was born.  Within an eldritch circle she summons Lovcraftian horrors and they, in turn, possess her and take their first steps into our unsuspecting world.   We shot this in an attic of an old industrial building with a caved in ceiling and what I swear must have beenRead More →