That time I pretended to be a greek priestess

I am so incredibly behind on these posts it’s not even funny. Between work and classes and focusing a bit more on my health, very little time and energy was left for things I truly love, like blogging. I still did photoshoots because they were a way to keep my sanity, but only those of you who follow me on Instagram got to see some of them.

One of these shoots was done for the lovely Toonzshop who kindly sent me an outfit to photograph and review.  Toonzshop are a collective of fair trade designers and manufacturers dedicated to bringing the world a different vision of fashion.

And while I loved the clothing, the shoot itself was not without challenges. For one, we seem to have chosen one of the hottest and sunniest days of the year (which I didn’t really have much choice in, as I have exactly one free day during the week, and that is Sunday), we went to the lovely local park with a small wild pond and became a feast for the local mosquitos and a source of amusement for the local colour.

We also had the dubious pleasure of trying out some small smoke bombs for the first time with rather disappointing results. Seeing how the place was pretty crowded, maybe it was for the best.

As for the dress and the draped top themselves, I am deligthed by them.
The dress is made of soft, stretchy, figure-hugging cotton. The front is simple and doesn’t detract from the curves, while the back features an intricate set of straps radiating from the centre circle. I love the open back design as it looks very dramatic.

Speaking of dramatic, I am over the moon with the grey draped top. It is now one of my go-to everyday pieces as it works equally well with a skirt or a pair of trousers. I layer it with a top underneath for clolder days, or with just a simple tank top when it’s warmer (as the sleeves are wide and nobody needs to see my unmentionables). It also works as a wonderful backdrop for my statement jewellery pieces.




Top: Mandlu from Toonzshop

Dress: Ozalee from Toonzshop

Jewellery: my own

Behind the scenes:

Photo: Miss Nephthys

Set Mistress: Ivy Lucija


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