Rock n Romance in reds and blues

We’ve had a very mild fall and thus far a very mild winter here.

I would complain (and I do), but my grumpiness over the lack of proper snow and thus, an excuse to bundle up in my gorgeous winter coat has been ameliorated by a lovely care package sent by Rock N Romance.

Knowing how much I love their shirts, they sent me two of them again, one in dark blue with a mesh bust – Dalilah, and another in a gorgeous dark red tropical design – Grace. I think the majority of the blouses in my closet are now by Rock N Romance! You won’t see me complaining! 

I am not necessarily a mesh-bust-for-daywear kind of girl, but this blouse does make it work. It manages to look elegant and sophisticated, but not over the top formal. Matching it with a  blue and white skirt tones it down additionally. I can see this as a lovely ensemble to wear to a semi-formal spring event- something you want to be dressed up for, but not dressed to the nines.

The dark red tropical blouse is made in their signature flattering cut, but of a thicker, matte-satin looking fabric so it is suitable for both day and evening-wear. I paired it with trousers, but think it would look fantastic with a wiggle skirt as well.

They also sent a stunning red 50’s style dress – the Ritzy.

Ohh boy, that dress! I already have some crepe blouses and a dress and a jumpsuit, so I am used to ironing and caring for that material. What I did not have, until now, was a new iron.

And new irons take getting used to!

No, I did not burn anything. Yes, I did spend a lot longer ironing this dress and it was quite a challenge at first, but honestly, that is all down to me. The dress is a thing of beauty, and the way it moves with your every step will have you staring at yourself in every reflective surface you pass. It’s just that hypnotizing.

It is sometimes very difficult to find pieces that are both feminine and alluring, but I believe that this dress manages both!

Due to the delicate material, it does not have pockets. In my opinion, having them would ruin the fall of the skirt, especially if you are, like me, prone to cramming stuff in them. 


The final verdict is as follows (scale of 5):

Fit *****

Flatter *****

Ease of maintenance ***

Ironing Required: YES

Pockets: NO


Until next time!



Clothing: Rock N Romance

Photo: Villy V

MUAH: VenusMantrap

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