Flirting with Swamp Monsters

Oh Tiki dresses, how I love you… let me count the ways!

No, it can’t be done! I have skirted around the idea (heh, get it, skirted) of a Tiki dress for the longest time, and then Norma Jean Vintage LLC came, and the rest is, as they say history. And a closet enriched by several Hawaii and Tiki dresses of such design it makes my heart sing every time I look at them!

This dress was tailored especially for me, to suit my measurements and figure, and I could not be happier with it! The fabric does not stretch, and it provides excellent support and structure to enhance the figure.

I am also in love with the two-tone ruffle on the hip, as well as the gorgeous colour design which suits my skin perfectly! The ladies at Norma Jean Vintage LLC really know their stuff!

 This dress features a hidden back zipper and a halterneck which ties in the back. I paired this dress with a brooch from one of my favourite jewellery companies, Lady A Broad, featuring Larry Lagoon. Their brooches are made from etched wood, and designs on timber with a high gloss finish, and are a unique treasure in my jewellery collection!

Both the dress and the brooch seemed the perfect backdrop for the swamp-like setting I chose for this shoot.  We were very lucky to be able to bring the Swamp Monster Flirt, as I affectionately call this set (and don’t even doubt I have a name for all my sets and shoot ideas) in such a perfect setting, and with such a perfect outfit and accessories.

Until next time!

Dress: Norma Jean Vintage LLC
Brooch: Lady A Broad 
Bangles: Splendette
Photographer: Villy V
Set mistress: Ivy Lucija

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