Rose and Brimstone’s Tallulah’s Threads Black Buffalo Collared Dress

You know how sometimes you look at something and think- where has this been my whole life? And how that little something can fill a need you never even knew you had?

Well, this dress did it for me!

I recently had to part with one of my favourite basic black jersey dresses from a large fashion chain store, which was my go to piece when I needed to look well put together in a hurry, and which I could wear with both flats or heels. I was prepared to just go pick up another, identical one, but frankly, if I did it now, I would probably never wear it again, now that I have this shift dress.

I do admit I was a little unsure how it would fit me, and if a shift dress would be flattering to my somewhat curvier figure, but as soon as I put it on, I saw why the lovely lady from Rose and Brimstone sent it to me to model. The Buffalo Collared dress is a dream come true! The soft cotton fabric and the ruched high waist give it a lovely and flattering flow. A longer length of this dress would run the risk of making it look somewhat shapeless and frumpy, but Tallulah’s Threads designer made the right decision to keep it mini-skirt length. While that isn’t usually my cup of tea, as I am somewhat self-conscious about my cyclist’s thighs, there is something about the cut of this dress that makes me completely forget my shyness!

As far as the technical side of the dress goes- You will need to wash it on cold and gentle, and as it is non-stretch cotton, you will have to iron it. However, it is quick and easy to iron, so I usually do it as soon as it is washed and mostly dry.

As we stepped out to shoot it, we ran into one of my favourite neighbours- Heike the German Shepard, who was just coming back from taking her human out for a nice walk, and she stopped a little to see what we are doing, and join us for a few photos. Isn’t she just stunning?

Final dress verdict is as follows (scale of 5):

Fit *****

Flatter ****

Ease of maintenance ***

Ironing Required: YES

Pockets: NO

MUAH VenusMantrap

Dress Rose and Brimstone

Photographer: Martina Spoljaric

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