Hello everyone! It’s taken me a little while to get back on track with my reviews, in part because the weather was very unfriendly and in part because I seem to have developed a condition in my wrists which makes typing a bit difficult for long stretches of time. Since I type for my work, and classes, at the end of the day I am usually in too much discomfort to blog. However, there are some beautiful things to cheer me up, and one of them is this stunning dress from Dolly and Dotty!   It was just love at first sight, truly! I’m notRead More →

I live in a very strange neighborhood in a very strange city. The old mingles with the new, and a good portion of the block is simply overgrown and abandoned. And in the midst of it all, is a small off-off-theater.  It’s run by a rather eccentric neighbor, but a real sweetheart none the less. His theater entrance seemed like the perfect backdrop for these unusual pieces. The first one is the Callous Crow switchblade cardigan, With their beautiful stitching and a frankly stunning pattern. This cardigan features both front and back stitching, and is made of soft, light cotton, perfect for even the warmerRead More →

 How many cat print dresses are too many? Is it like cats, where one cat is enough cats? If so, I am failing most horribly, because I already have two cats, and now a second cat print dress. This one was also part of my Black Friday haul from Voodoo Vixen, and I fell in love with not only the little kitties peeking out from it, but also the warm and rich colours of the pattern. I was a bit worried about the pattern itself, as it is rather busy, but I figured I might as well step out of my comfort zone for cats,Read More →

Ah, the most coveted dress in the vintage circles- Voodoo Vixen’s Katnis dress! If anyone can understand it’s appeal, then it’s me. For one, the pattern. It’s kitties! Small black kitties under umbrellas! The colour is incredibly vivid and bold, and the black trim and pattern serves as the perfect counterbalance to it. I’ve wanted it since the first moment I saw it. The kitties!The scalloped trim! The pockets! But being unemployed at the time, there was no way for me to justify or be able to afford such an expense, so I would just pine for it every now and then, read reviews (whichRead More →

Those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram have already seen how in love I am with this Ticci Rockabilly dress. Not only did Ticci Rockabilly make it just for me, (and by just for me I mean made to measure and I got to pick my fabric), but it’s also, quite possibly THE perfect autumn/winter dress. For one, it’s incredibly soft, but thanks to the denim inserts doesn’t look like the least bit slouchy or sloppy. For two, it’s warm, and as much as I love winter, I love being warm in winter even more.  Three, it’s the attention to details. You can seeRead More →

Ah, novelty prints, one of my weaknesses. I would say my only weakness, but let’s be real!This one, however, is a bit different than the prints I am used to. A friend remarked on it best- the colours are very…vintage.And as I looked at, it I decided that they do have a certain Chuck Jones feel to it. The slightly unusual design, the somewhat eclectic choice of colour, it all seems to point to a more vintage than pinup feel, and, at least to me, gently nudge in the later 50’s than I usually wear.  It even has a somewhat 60’s feel to it. I’veRead More →

I love water. Seaside, lakes, even the pool, just plop me down next to a body of water and I’m happy. It’s a great tragedy of my life then, that I have a sun allergy and that my summers are mostly spent slathered in a very high SPF sunscreen.  This, however, doesn’t stop me from swimming every chance I get, and I’ve developed a deep and passionate love for evening and late night swims in the bay of the small fishing village I run away to in the summer. It’s almost winter here, and I’ve been kind of missing the hot summer days a bit,Read More →

If there is one thing I really love about vintage fashion, it is how so much of it used to be bespoke. Unless you are one of those lucky few who have perfect measurements, nothing off the rack will fit perfectly, there will always be just that little bit of something that could fit better. Unless, of course, you opt for more modern fabric with more stretch in them. I buy off the rack, of course, and write reviews on brands and types of dresses based on my figure, and on general quality of the items, but I love bespoke items. These days they areRead More →

There is a photograph by Avedon I am slightly obsessed with.  I am forever fascinated by Avedon’s art and above all his approach to fashion photography. It blurs the lines between fashion and glamour and art photography, and in a way it paved the road for all those beautiful and slightly surreal fashion editorials I grew up with as a child sitting in my grandparent’s tailor shop. When Rockabilly Pinup offered me another collab and review for an essential and elegant black dress, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to pay homage to- I wanted to bring that slightly surreal and playful feelRead More →

As soon as someone says vintage, the first thing that pops to everybody’s mind is polka dots. This has the unfortunate side effect that wearing polka dots can make you look too costumey or like you are just trying way too hard. This is why this Belsira dress was such a lovely and welcome surprise. It just screams pinup, without looking too much like a costume. Even though it is more modern pin-up oriented, with a plunging neckline (well, at least as far as I am concerned) and a shorter hemline than I usually wear, I added a poofy petticoat underneath, and let it beRead More →